About Cocoon TECH:CLUB

Our founder, Gavin Molloy (an experienced teacher), led a team of teachers, Google trainers and industry professionals to design Cocoon TECH:CLUB - the perfect balance of fun and learning. Learn what you'll never learn in school, be ready for an exciting future by having fun now!

Very high quality content...the content is highly reflective of contemporary thinking in the area of digital learning as it aims to develop pupils’ ability to create rather than consume digital content.

Ireland's Department of Education and Skills

What Parents and Kids Say...


How much is a subscription after this voucher has been used?

Subscriptions start at just €2.95 per week.

Do the vouchers include special offers?

Yes, vouchers include discounts up to 50%.

What experience do Cocoon's tutors have?

Cocoon have taught over 10,000 students through in-class teaching, holiday camps and our teacher training service. All tutors have at least two years in-class teaching experience, are Google certified trainers, and have trained 100s of teachers.

What if my child can't make one of the live sessions?

All courses are recorded and uploaded to your child's personal learning portal. Your child will have access to it for a full week, including access to our team of expert mentors and their friends from TECH:CLUB via a chat forum dedicated to each individual course.

If Cocoon are teacher trainers, does that mean that my child will cover this in school anyway?

Unfortunately not. If your child is in a Cocoon-supported school then they are definitely getting a better digital learning experience than children in other schools. However, TECH:CLUB was designed specifically with the knowledge that school curricula doesn't allow teachers to go anywhere near the depth of learning that we go into in the clubs, or the breadth of options we are able to provide.