Building Focus

We strip back the noise and expense that goes with developing digital skills.

We want learning new skills to be a year-round endeavour, that promotes healthy family relationships and motivates children in other areas of life (e.g. helping around the home, school work etc.) A balanced, skilled young ‘techie’ will have many of the skills they need to succeed in life – and this is what we aim for with every child that joins our club.


Our unique portal means that Cocoon members are supported all year long!
Whether they are participating in a live tech club, or browsing our DIY courses to help with school work or working directly with our mentors (available to help all year long) - you'll see that the Cocoon portal will become as invaluable to your tech journey as the computer itself.


The target setting tool gives parents and children the opportunity to set time-bound targets with real world rewards.


Our minimalist approach to designing courses means that the skills can be learned, as much as possible, using technology that is readily available in most modern homes (e.g. a laptop, smartphone or tablet).
Apart from saving you unnecesary expense, we believe in focussing on harnassing creative energy rather than buying devices for the sake of it.


Cocoon workshops are ‘a fantastic way to immerse in the world of film’

Eric Fellner, Co-Chairman,
Working Title Films

Parents Feedback Video

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Children’s Feedback Video

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Very high quality content…The content is highly reflective of contemporary thinking in the area of digital learning as it aims to develop pupils’ ability to create rather than consume digital content.

Ireland’s Department of Education

It’s great to see Chloe making something productive, and not just sitting on YouTube or TikTok…he’s having great fun and we can be involved

Yvette Dalton,
Mother of 7 year old girl

It’s so much fun, and I can do it on my own if I want – but I can also do it with my friends when they call over.

9 years old

I like being able to make graphics and intros. It means I will be able to make my own YouTube videos some day – and be famous!

9 years old

It’s great that I have access to practical things for school like how to use G Suite – this keeps mom and dad happy. But then I can also learn how to make films and do coding projects…I set a reward with my dad to earn a guitar, which is what I’m currently working toward.

16 years old

I love that if you get stuck or you need to ask someone a question, that there’s someone there to help.

14 years old

I really like that I can use the Progress Hub to set incentives for my kids. This means that I’m actually a part of what they’re doing rather than feeling like I’m looking over their shoulder. It also means that they will try hard with the projects because they can see their points going up in real time when they show me good quality work – and this means they get whatever reward we agreed on, which makes it a huge win-win for all of us!

Stephen Stewart,
Father of 9 year old girl

It’s great that they have a productive tool, that they can go to one safe place and learn all these things that they can use later on in life.

Lynn Harley,
Mother of 14 year old girl