3 Key Reasons to Choose Cocoon

1) Cocoon was created by

2) Parent and Guest
portals to motivate and
reward your child

3) One safe place for your child's

Positive Relationships with Technology

Target Setting and Motivation

Cocoon’s ‘Progress Hub’ allows you to agree on the courses your child will complete during the year.

Every course you select moves a slider along the potential certificate they are aiming for, from ‘Pass’ to ‘Gold Star’.

Parents can award bonus points also to reward their child for going above and beyond the basics of a project’s requirements.

Parents can connect the points accrued on the child’s Progress Hub to real world rewards; e.g. if your child wants a new toy/ piece of clothing you can set a target of them having to achieve X amount of points by X date in order to earn the reward.

'Be Smart' Online

Our ‘Be Smart’ courses ensure you and your child are aware of age- appropriate online threats.

Your child can gain points toward their overall certificate by completing these fun activities.

Your child can take this as an opportunity to earn bonus points and help them earn the real world reward that they are working toward.

Portfolio and Feedback

Your child will build a portfolio of work and upload it to their ‘Progress Hub’ on Cocoon.

You can access this at any time on your Parent account, and leave ‘TripAdvisor’ style reviews and give bonus points.

You can share the portfolio with friends and family using our limited access ‘Guest’ accounts. Guests can also leave ‘TripAdvisor’ style reviews, providing a safe way of children to receive comments and feedback on their work.