Roblox Game Development and Coding @ TECH:CLUB

Start from the beginning in Roblox with our introduction to world building, game development and coding. Explore exciting world building skills and create your own game from scratch in just one week!

When: July 19th - 23rd @ 10:00 for 7-9 year olds and 11:15 for 10-12 Year Olds.

Very high quality content...the content is highly reflective of contemporary thinking in the area of digital learning as it aims to develop pupils’ ability to create rather than consume digital content.

Ireland's Department of Education and Skills

What Parents and Kids Say...


How much are the courses?

Courses cost just €39.95 for child-led courses and €79.95 to include a live tutor. Courses last one week and children will have access to all the resources and learning content via their personal Cocoon online portal for a full week after the course.

When are the courses?

Courses include daily lessons that start on Monday 19th July and finish on Friday 23rd July. They can be accessed live or via our 'flexilearning' child-led portal. Live sessions are held once daily and last up to 1 hour; live sessions are at 10:00 daily for 7-9 year olds and 11:15 daily for 10-12 year olds. Both the 'live' and 'flexi-learning' options include 24/7 access to pre-recorded tutors, lesson plans and other learning resources.

What does 'Risk-Free' mean?

We are so confident that your child will LOVE our course that we will refund you in total if they don't, no questions asked.

Is the timetable flexible?

Yes. Whether your child is doing the live, or flexi-learning course - we operate a flexible timetable to meet your needs. Your child will have their own learning platform, with lessons made available every day over the duration of the course. Our step-by-step, visual lessons, supported by mentor videos that your child can pause, rewind and control mean that your child can learn in their own time, at their own pace while being fully supported. Our ‘Discussion Board’ allows them to chat ask questions and chat with mentors and peers at any time during the course.

What if my child can't make one of the live sessions?

All lessons come with a pre-recorded mentor video anyway - your child can play, pause and rewind in their own time. If they are doing the live course and miss a live session then they can catch-up using the flexi-learning tool, no problem!

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