Focus: We will review, develop further, and explore popular topics.

What will you do?: We will review, develop further, and explore popular topics. Voting forms are sent out to members in advance of the course – and we run whichever course you guys choose!

When is it on?:

Mini:Clubs are one-off sessions, they last 60 minutes. We are currently taking bookings for the clubs detailed below:


7 – 9 Club: Monday 15th March @ 15:30
10 – 12 Club: Monday 15th March @ 17:00
Teen Club: Monday 22nd March @ 17:00

Course Content

Unique Learning Portal

- Personalised learning portals with live Tech Clubs
- Interactive motivation and rewards tool for parents
and children
- Live and archived webinars, as well as over 2,000
resources available 24/7 - the learning never stops!
- Reach out to expert mentors at any time -
personalised support to guarantee unlimited growth!
- One safe place to come and learn all the skills needed to be a success in the modern world

Other Skills Learned

  • Upload files to the cloud
  • Share a cloud folder
  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Share project safely through the
    cloud (with friends and family)

The Learning Journey

- For beginners and seasoned 'techies' - we scaffold the learning

- We'll help your child become great with technology

- The learning never stops - be an animator, a coder, or multimedia expert!