Focus: Film making fundamentals, storytelling through sequencing visuals.

What will you do? Learn the basics of video structure, video editing basics, and create your own short film! See ‘Course Content’ below for more information. 

Ability level: Beginner – Intermediate. No previous course needs to be completed to attend this course. 

When is it on?:

One live session a week for six weeks. Sessions last 60 minutes. We are currently taking bookings for the clubs detailed below.

  1. Jan/ Feb: Weekly on Wednesdays @ 17:00, starts Jan 6th
  2. Midterm Break: Monday 15th – Friday 19th Feb
  3. Easter Holidays: Monday 29th March – Friday 2nd April


Required device(s):
  • If using a laptop/ desktop then you will need a separate camera and way of uploading the footage to your computer (e.g. plug the camera into your laptop with a cable or upload via Google Drive)
    Works on most devices – laptop/ desktop (Windows and Mac), iOS/ Android
Required software:
  • NAME: Adobe Rush
  • COST: Free version available
  • DETAILS: Windows and Mac versions come with three free exports – don’t complete any exports until you use it during TECH:CLUB
  • Cocoon TECH:CLUB works best on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Course Content

Skills learned

  • Basic camera skills
  • Storyboarding, planning and writing
  • Image sourcing and downloading
  • Themed titles and credits
  • Basic movie soundtrack creation
  • Beginner to intermediate editing skills

End Product

A short movie; with titles, credits and soundtrack – ready to share instantly with friends and family!

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Other Skills Learned

  • Upload files to the cloud
  • Share a cloud folder
  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Share project safely through the
    cloud (with friends and family)

The Learning Journey

- For beginners and seasoned 'techies' - we scaffold the learning

- We'll help your child become great with technology

- The learning never stops - be an animator, a coder, or multimedia expert!