Focus: Make a digital comic book about a topic of your choice, with amazing features!

What will you do? Make a comic book about any topic – fact or fiction. With speaking characters, interactive features and awesome cartoon graphics, the only limits will be your imagination! See ‘Course Content’ below for more information.

Ability level:  Beginner. No previous course needs to be completed to attend this course.

Age range: Available for all TECH:CLUB age groups. The courses will begin with the assumption that the children are new to animation and then progress at differentiated speeds based on the age group of the club and the ability of each individual child.

When is it on?:

Mini:Clubs are one-off sessions, they last 60 minutes. We are currently taking bookings for the clubs detailed below:

7 – 9 Club: Tuesday 15th December @ 15:30
10 – 12 Club: Tuesday 15h December @ 17:00


Required device(s): Works on most devices – laptop/ desktop (Windows and Mac), iOS/ Android

Required software:
  • NAME: Book Creator
  • COST: Free trial will account will suffice for the course
  • DETAILS: The free trial account allows users to make one book, sign up at
  • Cocoon TECH:CLUB works best on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Book Creator is browser-based, or available as an iOS app

Course Content

Skills Learned

  • New eBook file creation and sharing
  • Downloading images and inserting into book
  • eBook storytelling techniques
  • Voice recording
  • Create animated images
  • Text and image editing

End Product

An online or app based comic book, ready to read or watch on any device.

Ready to share instantly with friends and family!

Unique Learning Portal

- Personalised learning portals with live Tech Clubs
- Interactive motivation and rewards tool for parents
and children
- Live and archived webinars, as well as over 2,000
resources available 24/7 - the learning never stops!
- Reach out to expert mentors at any time -
personalised support to guarantee unlimited growth!
- One safe place to come and learn all the skills needed to be a success in the modern world

Other Skills Learned

  • Upload files to the cloud
  • Share a cloud folder
  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Share project safely through the
    cloud (with friends and family)

The Learning Journey

- For beginners and seasoned 'techies' - we scaffold the learning

- We'll help your child become great with technology

- The learning never stops - be an animator, a coder, or multimedia expert!