We help 7 - 16 year olds develop essential tech skills at home.

Built by Teachers, Google Trainers, and Industry Professionals. Learn what you'll never learn in school,
be ready for an exciting future by having fun now!

How it Works

No commitments, join for as long as you want. Flexible learning.


Set Goals

Select courses on your personalised online portal and build your interactive certificate.


Join Live or Learn Independently

Work with expert mentors live, or catch-up on your portal. No-limit-learning, over 2,000 self-led resources structured over a year.


Create Projects, Get Certified

No existing skills required. Build projects in a step-by- step manner.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Learn all things tech and get ready for the next steps in life; secondary school, university, career. Or just join us for a new challenge and lots of fun!

100+ courses

2000+ resources

10,000+ children taught

Coding &
Game Development

Animation, Cloud Skills,
Online Safety

Film Making, Virtual Reality,
Podcasting and more!

A Structured Learning Journey with Rewards and Certificates

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Creative = Cost Effective

We use a huge variety of free software throughout the learning journey. We plan all projects (as much as possible) to avoid costs such as additional licencing or equipment. More importantly than just saving you money, this stokes creative fires and brings out the best in your children!

Structured and Progressive

our child will learn a variety of essential tech skills, structured throughout the year. All content progresses from year to year, ensuring your child can learn as much tech skills as they want - essential skills that they won't learn in school.

Earn Badges, Certificates and Rewards

Our interactive goal setting tool is designed for children and parents to sit down together and set personal goals. Your child can earn regular progress badges and an end-of-year certificate on their Cocoon portal. We also encourage using our real-time scoring for providing real-world rewards at home.